On companionship in University

As we grow, we become more complex individuals, intelligent in utterly unique ways and that is why it becomes increasingly difficult to find people like us.

Understanding each other’s learning curves

Have you ever felt like somebody isn't handling a situation as you they think should? You think, oh no, they're making the wrong decision; ugh she still thinks it's high school; why can't he see it, it's so straightforward? I have. Several times. We often put ourselves on this pedestal, comparing ourselves to others. Which... Continue Reading →


I've recently been reflecting on how much we've changed since we were in high school. It feels like such a long time ago but its only been a few years. Yet so much has changed. Here's a little bit of how I feel our growth has been.


Every time I thought the I knew a place, seeing it from a different angle, opened up a whole new world. Every time I came back down I felt changed. I'd go back to my normal life, but I never forgot the world up there.


Recently, our batch completed their finals and our average score was not impressive with a high failure rate. It's actually sad to hear about it because, in the end, you believe all of us will pull through and you don't expect that many to be repeating the semester. I properly looked around myself in class... Continue Reading →

People Watching

When I was a kid, I had a "bad habit" of staring at people. My parents were right in trying to prevent me from developing into a creepy adult who would offend people. The thing is, I never really stopped people-watching because my curiosity of why people acted the way they did ran too deep.... Continue Reading →

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