50 Things I learned during my First Year of University

50 is a window to the past year's experiences. I could open the door but I we've still got a long way to go :))


The Toxicities of Medical School

We haven't even met real patients and we're already rolling stressballs reaking of anxiety and depression.

It isn’t in my Blood

Macrophages, our incredible Hulks destroying anything foreign in their paths. Our coolest antibodies Clint Barton, marking his targets and with one arrow shoots 'em dead in the eye.

The Art of Healing

I'm not saying that Fleming studied literature, or was an avid reader. He could've been sipping tea with Dickens or Tolstoy for all I know. However, what I am saying is that while we may lack the brain cells to make crazy discoveries we still have the opportunity to ...

Aware but Inert

We scroll past our hand-held devices that buzz every five seconds interrupting any possible chance for deep thought. A picture pops up and our fingertips pause for a brief moment. A novel is read in our minds and in that moment we are forced into a painful spiral of pity, sadness and perhaps anger. Our... Continue Reading →

Tea on the University of Nairobi

I have no hate towards any race or person of colour because we are all people of colour. What I hate is being a victim of corruption in country that is selective of who the victims of its corruption are.

The Pulchritudinous Spark

I made it up of course. There's no such thing as the pulchritudinous spark. The words on their own are undeniably English. However, in the dictionary of moi, it means an individual of breath-taking beauty (pulchritudinous) and outstanding intelligence (spark). It's the most self-esteem-lowering phrase I've ever come up with but I created it to... Continue Reading →

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